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Agam Hamzah Group Ft. Loesje
August 14, 2022
1st Show
Door Open: 6.00 PM
Show Start: 8.00 PM
Agam Hamzah Group Ft. Loesje

Jazz-Blues band Agam Hamzah Group are filled with talented members: Agam Hamzah on electric guitar, Yohanes Ezra Prabowo on bass, Shakuhachi on drums, and Arya Andiputra on piano. Their music flow combines the rhythm and harmony of Jazz with Blues style melody. Apart from playing instrumental numbers from Agam Hamzah Group album, the band also features a jazz female vocalist, Loesje Souhoka, who lived in Chicago and have sung in jazz clubs there. Agam Hamzah Group has released three instrumental albums: “Evening Jam” (2020), “Night Butterfly” (2021), “Epigon” (2022). “Evening Jam” and “Night Butterfly” albums have been nominated for an AMI Award for the Jazz Instrumental category.

Spend your Saturday & Sunday night with Agam Hamzah Group Ft. Loesje as they perform songs from their own award nominated album and renowned Jazz-Blues hits live at Motion Blue located at Fairmont Jakarta level 3 on August 13th & 14th, 2022. Enjoy a free Welcome Drink with every ticket purchased. RESERVE at or WHATSAPP +628118690690.


Veteran musician Agam Hamzah started his professional career in 1986 with the band Spirit '86. From 1988 to 1999 he played mostly Top 40 music with several bands (Amoera, Second Born, Q-9, Flashback). In 2000, Agam began to play jazz consistently while performing with Idang Rasjidi Syndicate and Syahrani Queen Firework among others. Agam formed several band to great reviews, most notably Ligro band a trio (Adi Darmawan - Bass, Gusti Hendy - Drum) performing Jazz-Rock Style and recorded 4 albums. Agam has played both locally and internationally with many jazz greats in Netherlands, Turkey, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, and at music festivals around the world. He is also a guitar Instructor at Farabi Music Education Institute since 1999.

Shakuhachi is was born and raised in a family of musicians. Son of the pianist Idang Rasjidi and trumpeter/vocalist Happy Pretty, and a brother of the bassist Shadu Rasjidi. Since he was a teenager, he has been in the world of professional Jazz Music and played for legendary Indonesian jazz musicians who are colleagues of his father and mother such as Ireng Maulana, and Benny Likumahuwa.Shaku and his father formed the band Idang Rasjidi Syndicate and also helped his brother to form the Shadu Rasjidi Band. Shaku has also performed in various local and international jazz festivals.

Despite only being 22 years young, Yohanes Ezra Prabowo (usually called Hanhan) has collaborated with a various notable Indonesian jazz musician, participated in several music festivals and have several records, both single & collaborative ones. 

Hanhan began his career by  joining various music communities and performing in cafes and hotels. Thereafter, his love for jazz blossomed after he played with a famous Indonesian Jazz guitarist, Troy Kurniawan, who later on became his mentor. In 2019, he started to deepen his bass skill by entering Dwiki Darmawan's Farabi Music Course, in which he learned electric bass from Adi Darmawan.

His name, skills, and grit started to be known thereafter, which enables him to join an Indonesian's senior jazz guitarist project with Agam Hamzah Group. In addition, he also  participated in a trio project called Daniel Dyonisius Trio that collaborates with Dewa Budjana, an Indonesian jazz guitarist, for its album. Despite only being established in 2021, Daniel Dyonisius Trio has won Salihara Jazz Buzz annual jazz festival in 2021 and got its honorable mention from The Taklit Publishing and Promotion Agency on 7 Virtual Jazz Club Competition in Italy, and have played in 2022 Java Jazz festival. 

Arya Andiputra regularly performs at several five starts hotel in Jakarta. He is also a piano teacher at Farabi Music Education Centre and a coach at a few music workshops.

Loesje Souhoka is a remarkable jazz singer who graduated from Old Town Music Institute, Chicago, USA. She has performed both locally and internationally and recorded 7 albums for Gospel Songs and Pop Album “Hasrat Cintaku.” Her many talents includes being a co-producer for Java Jazz with Jakarta Jazz Society a master of Ceremonies for Various Events as well as vocal coach.




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